Message from Director
(Globalization Project Team and Working Group)

Kiyohiro HOUKIN
Globalization Section, Standing Committee
National University Hospital Council of Japan
Director of Hokkaido University Hospital

Tatsuro Ishibashi:Globalization Section, Standing Committee/National University Hospital Council of Japan/Director of Kyushu University Hospital

Globalization of healthcare and medicine has dramatically increased the movement of patients and professionals across national borders. Responding to new international needs and expectations, the Globalization Section of the Standing Committee leads the globalization of the national university hospitals through recommendations aimed at fortify our strengths in academic medicine through ongoing personnel exchange and expanding our telemedicine education network. We strive to promote our centers of excellence with advanced medical expertise and continue to build international collaborations in order to accomplish the Council mission.

Recommendations for the Promotion of the Globalization of National University Hospitals

  • Augment hospital services for foreign patients in order to facilitate access to high quality Japanese medical care.

  • Contribute to international medicine by deploying Japanese medical technologies, healthcare systems, and human resources abroad.

  • Promote receiving colleagues from overseas for the mutual benefit of advancing the health sciences through collaborations in education, research, and practice.

  • Strengthen cooperation with overseas medical institutions through the development and utilization of information technology to establish a world leading medical network.

  • Establish a specialized department for international medicine at the national university hospitals and strengthen cooperation between these departments to realize the recommendations above.